Best Woodworking Machinery – The MEBOR HTZ 1400 Extreme 20 Sawmill

//Best Woodworking Machinery – The MEBOR HTZ 1400 Extreme 20 Sawmill

Best Woodworking Machinery – The MEBOR HTZ 1400 Extreme 20 Sawmill

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It’s finally here!

Weeks after receiving three huge articulated lorries carrying our newest piece of woodworking machinery, WL West & Sons Ltd are pleased to report that the MEBOR HTZ 1400 Extreme 20 is now fully up and running.

It’s been a journey. MEBOR sent some of their expert sawmill engineers with our order to help train our timber handling team. Health and safety regulations had to be followed to the letter for the benefit of our own staff and visiting Polish engineers, and many days of paperwork were necessary to ensure the quick and smooth erection of our new horizontal log bandsaw. It took six days and three professionals working twelve hours each day in the hottest weather of the year, but we finally have our sawmill.

Building this big bandsaw took time and expert handling. Everything from space, manpower, heavy lifting, technical savoir-faire and even lighting we carefully considered during the assembly of the largest timber sawmill we’d ever seen, let alone owned.


Following the disastrous fire of November 2018, replacing our sawmill facility took high priority.

Unable to use our workshop machines, our first concern was replacing the dust extractor system, where sparks from sawn timber had gotten trapped and caused the fire in the first place. The Woodwork Dust Control Company Ltd assisted in quickly installing a temporary dust extraction system to get us up and running again.

However, our trusty old seventies Stenner log sawmill, which had served us well in Selham since the eighties (when we moved here), was irrevocably damaged during the fire. Replacement proved tricky and finding a suitable timber sawmill near us in the UK doubly so. Technology had changed a lot since the eighties and the heavy-duty woodworking machine packages we were after were sadly no longer available in the UK.

Our research led us to the Slovenian company MEBOR, whose high-quality and engineering standards were impressive, to say the least; their products are solid, heavy and durable.

The Biggest Log Sawmill Available

In MEBOR’s own words, the HTZ 1400 Extreme 20 is “the definition of heavy-duty”.

This model features the largest of MEBOR’s horizontal bandsaws. The saw can handle logs up to 1.9m in diameter, and lengths of up to 8m. It has the latest touch screen and joystick controls, with automatic log manoeuvring and board removal equipment, all with CCTV monitoring the log input. Originally designed to cut tropical logs (the toughest hardwoods out there), the sawmill is the meaning of huge.

WL West & Sons Ltd’s priority was keeping the boards as dust-free as possible; since our old Stenner saw had a very simple motorised brush unit, we asked MEBOR if something could be done. Here, the quality of their services and personal effort really came through. They developed a solution to ensure the boards remained clean and free of moisture-retaining dust on the surface. Together with our full dust extraction system, we are now confident that every possible action has been taken to minimise fire risk.

WL West & Sons' MEBOR HTZ 1400 Extreme 20

Our new MEBOR HTZ 1400 Extreme 20, seen from above.

MEBOR HTZ 1400 Extreme 20 Sawmill Specifications

Designed to cut the heaviest woods on the planet, the HTZ 1400 Extreme 20 is the result of MEBOR’s decades of experience cutting tropical hardwoods.

Combined, the log infeed, saw and outfeed, the whole unit reaches nearly 28 metres long and stands 4.5 metres high, weighing in at nearly forty tons.

It is capable of cutting between 65 and 90 m³ per day, depending on species, size and configuration.


HTZ 1400 Extreme20

Productivity: up to 65/90 m3/8h*
Max. log diameter: 2000 mm
Max. cutting width: 1870 mm
Max. log length: custom made
Diametre of flywheels: 1420 mm
Width of flywheels: 190 mm
Blade length: 10500 mm
Blade width: 206** mm
Blade thickness: 1,47 mm
Approximate weight: 25000 – 32000 kg***
Width: 4600 mm
Total height (blade in highest position): 4300 mm
Total length: log length + 6 m
Main motor power: 90/110 kW


Originally from a sawmilling background similar to ours, Slovenian family business MEBOR found their direction change when the need for a new sawmill led them into the manufacturing of sawmilling machinery. Forty years ago, Boris Mesec designed and built the first MEBOR bandsaw, quickly gaining the awe and trust of their customers. Winning awards for quality over the years, their production has not stopped increasing since.

Running their own sawmill with their own MEBOR machinery for decades gave the business the all-important perspective of craftsmen who understand not only their craft but the machines that make it possible. Specifically, the needs and problems of sawmills.

Over the years they developed a full team of experts in design, mechanics, electrical engineering, hydraulics and automation. Now, they have thirty years of experience and expert advice to offer.

MEBOR team at the WL West & Sons workshop

Visiting engineers and installation team from Krakov, posing in front of their work.

A Fresh New Start For WL West & Sons Ltd

We have big plans for our big new sawmill. This huge woodworking machine will greatly impact our efficiency, allowing us to further expand our wide range of timber products.

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