5 Things PRO Fencing Provide That Other Fencing Companies Don’t

//5 Things PRO Fencing Provide That Other Fencing Companies Don’t

5 Things PRO Fencing Provide That Other Fencing Companies Don’t

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What do customers look for in business with us?

In our and PRO Fencing’s experience, usually three things: product quality, value for money, and expert handling.

We provide these things as standard; the thing is, as do many of our competitors.

But there’s a reason we get commissioned for bespoke fences on estates as well as domestic households; so, just what does our PRO Fencing division offer that other fencing manufacturers simply cannot?

Space is limited, so here are just five levels of service we provide for every single project we work.

1. Our Experience

One word can summarise our business: legacy. WL West & Sons Ltd have been around since 1865.

Even before the business took shape, members of the West family had worked and lived the trade since 1812. To this day, there are seven family members present in a team of 40. In fact, Martin West, a great-grandson of WL West & Sons Ltd’s founder Walter Luke West and the head of PRO Fencing, still offers his personal service and expertise with every project.

Over two centuries of experience, passion for the best machinery and the rigorous passing-down of knowledge means your projects simply cannot be in more understanding hands.


WL West & Sons Ltd's founder Walter Luke West and his wife, circa 1860.

Walter Luke West and his wife, circa 1860.

2. Personal Team Touch  

“Please pass on my thanks to the guys who actually did the work.”

“We were delighted with the co-operation of your fencer.”

“The guys worked thoughtfully and were a pleasure to have around.”

Our business has changed a lot since Walter West founded it, but one thing that hasn’t budged is the core of our business philosophy: taking the time to build a relationship and work with each customer. We find not just a good solution, but the best solution.

This approach helps us retain a great deal of our customers as well as ensure satisfaction for everyone. Whether it’s hard work, project challenges, difference of opinion or sheer head-scratching perplexity, PRO Fencing have seen it all before and seen each project to fruition.

We have the time, the people and the resources. We’re your personal team.

3. PRO Fencing’s Unique Range of Fencing

Bespoke service has always been key to WL West and PRO Fencing production. Even back in the early twentieth century, achieving the desired unique effect meant continued investment in new machinery. 

State-of-the-art equipment for bespoke projects meant that the whole PRO Fencing product range benefited as well: our fantastic 5-axis CNC in particular allows us to meet the extremely varied moulding requirements of all our customers.

This means we can offer a plethora of gate and fence designs of all styles and sizes to meet any project profile. We even supply additions such as barbed wire, fence panels, arris rails or gravel boards.

All our fencing products are designed and manufactured on-site, so every customer gets the full bespoke experience.

If you live in Sussex or Surrey, there’s a good chance you’ve walked past schools, fence posts, fields, cattle grids, warehouses and private properties with the PRO Fencing mark on them.

PRO Fencing Metal field gates in Ash

Metal field gates, Ash.

PRO Fencing powder coated barbican railings with cranked posts, Greenford school.

Powder coated barbican railings with cranked posts, Greenford school.

From curving timber entrance gates, to garden fencing, cleft rail fencing around fields, and high-security steel and wire fencing, PRO Fencing has what you need for your outdoor space; please just ask.

What’s more, the price range is calculated for best value to reflect the high quality of our products and service efficiency, while still remaining in the middling range. In other words, you get the best possible work for a reasonable amount.

Caption: Cleft rail fencing.

Cleft rail fencing.

4. Absolute Safety Guarantee

Because we receive many large and official commissions such as heritage and restoration projects, the tight regulations we have to meet are aimed at securing the best possible outcome for all those involved. Fortunately, it means all our other customers benefit from this as well.

Members of the Timber Trade Federation, WL West & Sons Ltd and PRO Fencing hold ecological responsibilities and chains of custody from the Forest Stewardship Council and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. This means we necessarily uphold the highest of standards.

We also take Health & Safety very seriously – we are members of CHAS, SMAS Worksafe and Constructionline. These schemes are audited annually and give our clients reassurance of our robust working practises.

5. Bespoke Proposal and Schedule

We have among the best lead times in our competitors.

For PRO Fencing, a project isn’t just a job. We understand the importance of understanding each customer’s ideas and requirements so that both sides are satisfied.

From the moment an enquiry pings into our inbox, our team will work with you every step of the way, taking the time to know you and understand each project.

Technically, each project is unique, but in execution there’s nothing we haven’t done before. Expert members of staff will discuss your ideas with you, offering advice and informed opinions to best suit your interests. We are able to offer a preliminary survey within a week.

Upon on-site agreement of location, size, materials and scheduling, a detailed proposal will be returned within three working days.

Once the order is accepted and a deposit is paid, a gate can be designed, produced and installed within 4-6 weeks.

Get to Work With PRO Fencing

Investing in PRO Fencing doesn’t get you just the products, but a level of service difficult to match; certainly at this price range!

You can browse the variety of projects we handle on our Instagram gallery for some design ideas to get behind.

Do you have some ideas of your own? Let us know by reaching out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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