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Timber Cladding is a traditional way of finishing the external profiles of a building, and has come back into popular use in recent years. It gives a warm and pleasing finish to the outside (or inside) of any building. Left to weather silvery grey or treated to maintain its colour, either way it is pleasing to the eye.

We can supply fresh sawn Oak, Home Grown Larch and Cedar, Siberian Larch, Douglas Fir feather edge and Durawood (this is a species called Ayous which is thermos-treated). We can also supply a composite material for cladding. We can also supply waney edged cladding as can be seen below, also in the same species as above.

Waney Edged Larch Cladding

TG&V Cladding

Horizontal Cladding in Garapa

Dartington School Horizontal Cladding

Vertical Siberian Larch with fire retardant and Black Croma-coat

Machine Profiles

In addition to sawn cladding we can supply machined profiles for all species other than fresh sawn products. These are a few example profiles:

WLW01 Standard TGV Cladding

WLW02 Shiplap Cladding 1

WLW03 Shiplap Cladding 2

WLW04 TG & V Extended Tongue Square Shoulder v0-1

WLW05 TG & V Extended Tongue Splayed shoulder v0-1

WLW06 Square Shoulder Ext Tongue T&G Cladding

WLW07 Rain Shadow Cladding

WLW08 Narrow Faced TGV Cladding

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