Our rich history

We have been in the Timber industry a long time. Have a look at our heritage.

A wealth of expertise

Many of Walter Luke’s sons were involved in the business over the last century. The business passed into the hands of some of his grandsons towards the end of the 20th Century, which is the current position. We are proud that there are seven family members working in the business currently. With a current staff of over 40, that is a good percentage of the team.

Through the 150 years, WL West Ltd have been trading, there have been many changes in our industry, from supplying thousands of cubic feet of timber to the furniture industry in High Wycombe (now sadly almost non-existent), to milling thousands of logs each year. Nowadays we have extensive moulding and CNC machines to meet the varied requirements of our customers.

The current business is significantly different to the one Walter Luke created; however, one of the ethics that has lasted the test of time is building relationships with our customers and helping them to find a solution to their timber problems – and then repeating this process over the decades with repeat orders.