Manufactured in our Selham workshop, we have designed and developed some unique tables. Constructed of hardwoods the tables have been designed for either Dining Room or Boardrooms in mind.

We have combined the beauty of timber with the contemporary feel of modern resins.

These products are unique, each one will be different is some way, so you will be investing in a future heirloom.

We are very happy to discuss your ideas to create a table unique to you. Have your family crest or company logo incorporated. The ideas are endless.

Elm River Table

With one we have used the live waney edge reversed and then joined with resin to form our River Table. We have filled any splits or cracks with resin to give a smooth finish, but retain the character of the timber. To match we have also created a matching coffee table (see below).

Our Process

It starts by selecting one or two boards that have masses of character in them. These are Elm, but it could be Oak, Cedar of Lebanon or any species that has great features.

We either centre cut the board and then reverse the boards so that the waney edges are in the middle, or we find two waney edged boards that are similar and square one edge and put the two waney edges to the centre.

We build a frame around the table, this is to retain the resin. The resin we use is initially very thin and will find each and every hole to flow out of, so it is important that we seal the table within the frame.

Resin is then poured into the gap between the boards, and into any cracks or knot holes to further enhance the character. To ensure that we get all of the air bubbles out of the resin, we use a hot air gun or hairdryer, this helps bring the bubbles to the surface. The resin is then left to set this can take 2 – 3 days dependant on the size.

The table can then start the sanding process, this is can be taken to various stages from a matt/silk stage to a highly polished level this is dependent on the customers wishes. 

The top is then mounted on simple cross jointed legs, and provides a stunning dining room or board room table. Matching coffee tables can also be made, but remember, when we say matching, they will never be absolutely the same, every piece of timber is different.

The result is something truly unique. That is the beauty of our industry, there are never two pieces of timber the same. Every time we cut a log we are excited to see what we will find, never a dull moment in our industry!

Elm River Coffee Table

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Art Deco Table

The second one we have laminated thinner strips of timber in the centre of the table in dispersed with blocks of poured resin to form our Art Deco table.

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