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Solid Hardwood worktops & counter tops form a core part of our business. All of our tops are bespoke, handmade and finished – truely Made in West Sussex. These are not mass produced or bought in. Manufactured to your templates.

For Kitchens, Workshops, Laboratories, Bar and Counter tops, we manufacture solid hardwood handmade worktops 1M to 4M long, up to 900mm wide and in 25mm to 63mm thicknesses, laminated from 70mm and wider staves with a discreet jointing system. We use a cold set adhesive system using correct adhesives such as polyurethane types for the best results. Supplied with upstands, quadrants, scotias, etc. to match.

Laminated Solid Worktops – offered in most suitable Kiln Dried Hardwoods in a wide range of options. All manufactured, Calibrated, Wrapped and Packed from our workshops at Selham. We can now offer a Danish oiling facility based on a two coat system prior to wrapping and packing. 

Constructed in many hardwoods including: Oak, Maple, Ash, Sycamore, Cherry and Iroko.

Worktop Specification

Worktops available in various sizes: 

  • Length: <4.0m,   Width: <0.9m, Calibrated Thickness: 25/30/40mm
  • Average Stave Width: 60-70mm equally sub-divided across the width

Available also with leading edge moulded and upstands, drainer grooves, sink cut-outs and mitres. Professionally packaged. Finished in the “white” (or oiled). End user guide lines included.

We use an ‘F’ Joint for maximum stability and strength. The zigzag profile increases the surface area being glued and increases the strength.

Worktop & Upstand Profiles

Flat Upstand (10mm)

Pencil Round Upstand (8mm)

Edge profile EP1 – 6mm

Edge profile EP2 – 6mm

Edge profile EP3 – 12mm

Edge profile EP4 – 12mm (30mm top)

Edge profile EP5 – 12mm (40mm top)

Worktop Installation

NB. Before installation it is essential to treat all surfaces and edges and back, with a suitable proprietary finish. (Please refer to surface finishing guide below) 

It is important that the worktops are inspected after delivery for transit damage any complaints must be notified to the sales office within 3 working days.

Worktops should remain wrapped until you are ready to install them and laid flat.

Worktops over 750mm in width will need further bracing when fitted to prevent bowing, screw holes should be oversized to allow for movement and domed screws used with smooth upper shank. The top should be pulled to the bracket or brace to ensure adequate support.

At the time of installation the area where the tops are to be fitted should be at normal room temperature and humidity, for example 20oC and between 40% and 60% relative humidity and free from wet trades, i.e. painters, new screed, new plaster etc. The room should be at its normal operating temperature and moisture levels.

If there is an Aga/wood fired burner in the room, it is likely that this will affect the worktops and cause them to dry and shrink more quickly than under normal circumstances, this needs to be communicated to the sales team by the customer at the time of ordering. Additional fixings and allowance for this movement should be taken. 

Edges and surfaces adjacent to built-in kitchen appliances, including Aga’s, must be sealed and should be isolated by at least a 20mm air gap and faced with a heat/moisture barrier to prevent ‘end splitting’. All worktops abutting a gas or similar cooker MUST have end cleats covering the end grain.

When fixing, use ‘L’ Shaped fixing brackets with elongated slots (across the grain) to accommodate any natural movement in the worktop. If the carcass tops are solid, then a slotted hole should be made. When fixing, use round-headed wood screws with washers to allow for natural movement in the worktop.

Around sinks, hotplates and pipes allow a 5mm gap, and insulate the edges with moisture/heat barrier. 

When jointing worktops together install two worktop joining bolts into recessed holes on the underside of the worktop with slots and biscuits and draw together. 

Timber is a natural product and may vary in colour. The colour may vary over time with natural ultra violet light. This may depend on the finish used, as some may have UV inhibitors within the treatment. In particular, Iroko will have a wide colour variation, which will tone down with UV light over time. Black Walnut may have a small % of sap and small sound features.

Guidelines for Finishing

The application of a surface coatings is vital in slowing down the absorption of, and drying out of moisture and to provide a practical wear resistant finish.  All worktops must be treated with a suitable finish on all surfaces prior to installation, on all surfaces. This is important to protect the integrity of the worktop. The same number of coats should be applied to all surfaces to ensure there is a balance between the top and the bottom of the worktop. 

 There are many different finishes suitable for kitchen, laboratory and bar worktops. It is essential that the manufacturers guidelines for using these finishes with your worktop are followed. If you are unsure, please use the manufacturer’s technical helpline.


Sapele or Ash are popular species for the traditional bar. We also make laminated tops with staves approximately 110-120mm wide, in particular, Ash, Oak, Cherry & Sapele. These tops can be machine profiled with the traditional Ovolo profile.

 A package can be arranged to include flooring, dado rails, panelling, skirting’s and architraves and other second fix items, to suit the scheme which is in vogue at the time.

We’re always here to help

Our friendly sales team are ‘Always here to help’. Give us a call or use our online contact pages to send us an enquiry.

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