PRO Fencing in Farnham – WL West’s Hidden Treasure

//PRO Fencing in Farnham – WL West’s Hidden Treasure

PRO Fencing in Farnham – WL West’s Hidden Treasure

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WL West has a history of expertise in professional fencing stretching back to the nineteenth century. Back then, it was not unusual for the family to walk twelve miles to cut down and bring back a parcel of timber! For many decades the company produced its own fence panels. In fact, if you ever visit our sawmill, you can still see some with our tag around the area.

These days, WL West still have deep roots in the professional fencing industry. Fifteen years ago the business expanded from its sawmill origins to include PRO Fencing in Farnham, the number one fencing company in Surrey.

This proved a beneficial decision, as PRO Fencing is a very strong part of the business and work with many major UK house builders.

PRO Fencing Services

We offer a range of products entirely mouldable to the client’s needs. Our products range from aesthetic timber line fencing, to mesh fencing and security steel and wire fences. More below:

Security Steel and Wire Fences

We’re experts, so we have more than one trick up our sleeve! Though our main trade is timber, we have excellently trained teams who happen to also supply and install metal fencing for sports grounds and railings alike.

Particularly excellent value for high security is galvanised steel fencing. Available on a supply-only or supply-and-fix basis.

Caption: Green powder-coated steel palisade fencing

Green powder-coated steel palisade fencing

1.2 metre high green plastic-coated chainlink, on galvanised posts with barbed wire above

1.2 metre high green plastic-coated chainlink, on galvanised posts with barbed wire above

Traditional Timber Fencing

Particularly picturesque in rural settings. These types of fences never offend the eye, and the variations are limitless. From cleft rail fencing to knee rail and palisade styles, our range of options leaves little to be desired.

Machined round timber post and rail.

Machined round post and rail

Timber Gates

Two words: Our Specialty. We’ve been making timber gates for 140 years, with lots of examples from happy customers. Each one is handmade in West Sussex, specifically designed to enhance your property and age gracefully.

Whether you need softwood or hardwood, we can get what you need. We even do engravings on the top gate rail – often suggested by the police to help prevent theft.

softwood arch gates with old fashioned hinges

Spectacular fit: softwood gates custom cut to fit three different arches. Old-fashioned hinges give it style.

Panel and Close-Boarded Fences

Our most popular product. Timeless and cost effective, these close-boarded fences are ideal to seclude gardens and private property. Constructed from softwood (or Oak, for greater durability).

Pressure-treated 900mm softwood closeboard between brick piers. Boarded both sides

Pressure-treated 900mm softwood closeboard between brick piers. Boarded both sides

Site Hoarding

For industrial and building projects. Can be left natural or painted to reflect the client’s branding.


We offer the very best solid decking of air-dried 1-2 grade Oak or environmentally innovative composite, and fully customisable pergola materials to emphasise key areas. The results can be stunning. This is where you as a customer or an architect can get really creative! Made and fixed by our own experienced tradesmen.

PRO Fencing Are Here For You

Much like the rest of the company, PRO Fencing have come out of lockdown status and hit the ground running. We remain open to calls, enquiries, and orders. Please contact us, or reach out on PRO Fencing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Click here to reach WL West for non-fencing enquiries, or come talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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