How To Nail Landscaping

//How To Nail Landscaping

How To Nail Landscaping

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Lockdown, even in its later stages, has seen a huge surge in people dedicating time and effort to improving their gardens. Landscaping is the new trend of 2020, as it were. People can’t go outdoors, so they bring the outdoors to them. 

Not sure where to start? We don’t blame you. But it’s not all complicated calculations, digging ditches, bulldozing, or getting splinters from old crates. Sometimes, it’s the little changes that make all the difference. A single alteration can completely transform your backyard into a sophisticated terrace or oasis of shade.

Even better, it doesn’t have to be DIY. We have a whole horde of timber experts ready to advise you, and we often work with landscaping architects to make sure our clients get the best results.

Read on for some great tips on how to get landscaping right. 

Garden furniture

Benches are our speciality, each one handmade by our own craftsmen and manufactured out of European Oak. Every design may be altered slightly, making yours unique. We even do engravings.

bespoke Douglas Fir garden bench

One of our most recent projects, a bespoke garden bench made from Douglas Fir, designed by Rae Wilkinson.

Get your lawn ship-shape. 

Get creative with various shapes. It’s grass and it’ll grow back, so don’t be afraid to experiment with various formations and techniques. Ever tried shaping your lawn into an oblong, circular, or completely custom shape? It makes room for flowing flower beds and paving features. Working with a smaller surface area can reduce maintenance.

Plan your planting strategically 

Choose beautifully-scented plants for casual seating areas and more striking specimens as features in the background. Some plants are particularly efficient at releasing pollen so it’s best to keep those as far away from relaxing areas as possible.

Alternatively, you could combine both seating and planters; a staircase-like structure with alternating beds (see below), planters or seating options is modern and a fantastic area for both kids’ play and social gatherings (especially for as long as we have to sit a certain distance apart).

bespoke timber planters

Bespoke Timber Planters

Varied levels

Our machined profile decking is perfect for achieving that tiered, modern look that can help separate nature from furnished living. Classy and timeless, it never looks jarring.

bespoke timber decking

Our decking also proves popular with golf clubs and racing tracks, such as the Goodwood Race Course.

Set some boundaries

Gates and fences often set the mood for gardens. Ever noticed how National Trust gardens always choose wooden fences over steel, whereas old heritage houses choose steel instead? The kind of boundaries you choose for your property add privacy, security, and style. Screening and zoning help with this as well, especially with family homes, giving children hideaways to play in. We recommend Cedar and Larch.

Close-boarded pedestrian softwood gate

Close-boarded pedestrian softwood gate

Trellis Panel

Trellis Panel

Level up your property game

Most family homes eventually land on the real estate market. I know people who make it their life’s mission to buy property, renovate it to within an inch of its life, and sell it at a huge profit. If you’re into the long game, how about investing in a garden room? House buyers typically make a decision based on the garden attached to a property.

An oak-beamed pergola, sun house, jacuzzi shelter or barbecue kiosk instantly adds a note of luxury to any garden. To make it family-friendly, consider monkey bars on your pergola, or sinking oak beams deep into the soil as a swing frame, which can always be repurposed as a screen or lighting feature when the children grow up.

Cherry Blossom Garden

Cherry Blossom Garden

Our Landscaping Doesn’t Stop There

Despite what Pinterest boards may tell you, we know landscaping projects are far from an afternoon’s work or even a one-man job.

Our goal is always to help our customers achieve exactly what they had in mind, so we’ve made the process as simple as possible. Our products include cutting and machining, then supply & fit services upon request.

Our products even include custom items such as:

  • Machined Profile Decking 
  • Oak & Douglas Fir Sleepers 
  • Solid Timber Entrance Gates 
  • Timber Frame Buildings/ Pergolas 
  • Decorative Screens/ Trellis 
  • Bespoke Garden Furniture 
  • Chestnut Posts [peeled/ pointed available] 
  • Driveway Bollards/ Posts 
  • Timber Planters 

For more detail, you can browse our extensive range of woods here.

You can browse our current projects and activities on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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