Oak, take the Floor! Why Wooden Flooring is Immortal

//Oak, take the Floor! Why Wooden Flooring is Immortal

Oak, take the Floor! Why Wooden Flooring is Immortal

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Wooden floors remain a key attraction for homebuyers. They always stands out. Over 90% of real estate agents agree that homes with hardwood floors spend less time on the market and can even increase home value by 1-10%. With the Scandi style still ruling the minimalist tastes of many interior designers, demand is high.

Our scope ranges from domestic projects to high end – you’ll find our high-quality wood floor products in many a beautiful front room. Since bespoke and exclusive restoration projects are high on our speciality list, we’ve also had the pleasure of working on some very lofty floors indeed. These include the British Museum, the House of Lords Library, the Greenwich Naval College, Westminster Abbey, and Kensington Palace.

So, if you like the sound of beautiful Versailles panels gracing your living room, or sleek parquet elongating your corridors, read on.

Wooden Flooring At The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

The Benefits of Wooden Flooring

Hardwood floors can be daunting; because they feature in heritage site restorations as well as home renovations, there are dozens of options to choose from. Here at WL West & Sons Ltd we’ve been long enough in the business to guarantee that the end results far outweigh the initial apprehension. There are few elements in a house that will draw the eye as much as the understated warmth and beauty of a wooden floor.

Wood flooring has its practical advantages as well:

  • Timeless and classic. Matches every style of interior, from modern to rustic.
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting with the proper care.
  • Easy to care for. ‘Hardwood floors are hard to maintain’ is a myth. Just sweep to remove dust and particles and clean any spillages with a dry cloth immediately; any good floor cleaner will bring back its lustre, too. Just don’t ever mop it!
  • Environmentally friendly and carbon neutral. Hardwood absorbs carbon, so widespread wooden floors contribute to a healthier indoor air.
  • Ideal for those who have allergies and skin concerns as it minimises irritation.
  • Wide variety of options; it’s not all just ‘wood’, you know. From patterns to colour, size, finish, and skirtings, there is oodles of space for you to get creative for the effect you want.
  • Entirely bespoke and, therefore, of high value.
  • Easy restoration. Just apply a fresh coat with the help of professionals like us.
  • Can be made waterproof by some installers.
  • Doesn’t have to break the bank. Modern technologies have brought new materials into the business, including engineered wood (multi-ply constructions of plywood with a decorative layer of real wood on top); in very minimal applications, it has a small advantage over solid flooring.
European Oak Wooden Flooring

Versailles Panels of European Oak. Produced for The British Wood Flooring Company.

Wooden Flooring Options

Aesthetic is the most important feature of wooden flooring. Hardwood flooring is at home in places as diverse as homes, pubs, clubs, schools, village halls, new and period buildings, commercial buildings, and sports halls.

With such a wide clientele, it’s only fitting that a wide range of options be available.

You can choose your;

  • Wood: we offer European Oak (of various grades and sizes), Ash, Scottish Elm, Southern Yellow Pine, and Siberian Larch. (Engineered wood is also available.)
  • Pattern: we offer varieties such as parquet, chevron, basket weave, Versailles panels, and tiles. We’re even experimenting with Oak oval end grain blocks, which are very difficult to produce properly but look beautiful.
  • Shade: different woods offer different colours which you can adapt with treatments to suit your style.

The WL West & Sons Ltd undercarriage system is available for strip flooring specifications; this enables features such as anti-squeak and stress-relief grooves – a practical modern touch on a timeless product.

Also, because we know wooden floor installations seldom involve strictly just the flooring products themselves, we also are able to supply a wide range of sundry items that are soon essential; these range from skirting to stairs and even all second-fix moulded profiles.

Oak oval end grain wooden flooring blocks

Oak oval end grain blocks

Why Choose WL West For Your Flooring?

why use WL West for your timber flooring

Does Your Wooden Floor Need Replacing? Hire a Specialist

The thing about professionals is that we can’t help ourselves. If you ask for it, we will give you expert advice. It’s built into us at this point.

The best part is that a survey and advice are provided without obligation on your part. For our projects, size is not a problem.

You can choose between Supply Only or Supply and Fix, for which we make use of our exclusive partnership with trusted, Contract Flooring Association-approved installers.

For more information, visit our Wooden flooring page. For a quote or enquiry, please contact us.

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