The MEBOR Monster

//The MEBOR Monster

The MEBOR Monster

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The MEBOR Monster

WL West & Sons have always believed in investing in machinery. After months of scouring the world for the best possible replacement of our trusty Stenner sawmill, we are delighted to announce the arrival of our final choice: a brand new MEBOR HTZ 1400 Extreme 20.

Caption: MEBOR HTZ 1400 Extreme 20 in action

MEBOR HTZ 1400 Extreme 20 in action.


Following the disastrous fire of November 2018, replacing our sawmill facility took high priority. Our trusty old Stenner sawmill, built in Devon in the seventies and installed at Selham in the mid-eighties, served us well throughout its life. The fire, while horrific in its aftermath, made certain changes possible.

It was time for fresh, new start.

Technology had changed dramatically since the conception our seventies sawmill. After months of research, visits across the UK, and speaking to many of our friends in the industry, we found the Slovenian company MEBOR.

Two of our directors visited the MEBOR facility in Slovenia in April 2019 to meet the family behind the company, in order to best understand their capabilities and discuss options that matched our requirements. Their build quality and engineering standards were impressive to say the least.

The result? A far cry from your average chainsaw!

Caption: The saw handles logs up to 1.9m in diameter, and lengths of up to 8m.

The saw handles logs up to 1.9m in diameter, and lengths of up to 8m.

A word from Dave, our joint managing director:


What’s Next

WL West’s habit of pursuing of the best machinery in the business has so far proved a fruitful one. This heavy-duty sawmill – weighing in at forty tons – will increase our power of production, ensure the highest quality of sawn planks, and better efficiency than ever.

Even now our current lead times are around half those of our competitors!

The MEBOR sawmill should be ready to use in the next month. To say we are looking forward to it is an understatement.

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