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Grown in Britain

Country Oak Doors

Ledged and Ledged and braced doors are bespoke made in our own workshops. These are not mass produced doors from abroad - They are truely Made in West Sussex. We take time and care to ensure that we meet your requirements. Call us for a quote. Below you will find a form to allow you to gather the information we need to manufacture the doors.

 Door order form                                                  

We have created a form to allow you to send us your requirements. We have not put any prices on the sheet as prices will vary with quantity. Please click on the 'download button' for a copy.

 Country Oak Ledged or Ledged and Braced Doors - Half Lap construction ion

These doors are constructed of random width Boards with Half-lap profile and “V” on both sides and three Ledges. The boards are fixed to the Ledges with ornamental Rosehead nails bent over on the reverse. Machining of the boards is hit & miss on both faces.

 Country Oak Ledged or Ledged and Braced Doors - Tongue & Groove construction 

All of our doors are bespoke and produced to order in 1-2 grade European Oak or Scandinavian Redwood Pine. Available in PT&G with a Micro Bevel, PTG&V, Cockbead or PTG&V with a bead profile.
Ledges      125 x 20mm (approx. finished size)

Braces        125 x 20mm (approx. finished size)

Boarding    120 – 180mm Face x 19mm (approx. finished thickness)

Random or Even width boards. Max Size 2.00m x 0.90m

 Fixing Options:                                                       
Ledges and Braces screwed and plugged on reverse (no face fixings).
Rosehead ornamental nails on face (not clenched).

Various Door Profiles

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email: sales@wlwest.co.uk