Why use us?

Dealing with our clients is not just about selling a piece of timber, we get to know our clients and the projects that they are working on. We want to understand the issues that our clients are experiencing so that we can help to find not only a good solution, but the best solution.

We have clients that come back to us on a regular basis and that has been through hard work and building a lasting relationship with them. We will spend time with you, get to know you and what you want, that’s why we think you should use us.

Well, we think that having a heritage going back to our 1865 timber records must say something about our knowledge of timber and how to use it. Indeed, our heritage goes back further as evidenced by the 1851 census records. This heritage has been handed down the generations and enables us to talk to you with confidence about timber.

Ensuring that our clients are using the correct species to meet their requirement is important to us, so we work with our clients to ensure that the correct product is selected to fit the requirement.

We will spend that extra time to ensure the product is right. Many people have a vision of the species that they require to do a job, which sadly may be an incorrect choice from a finish or performance point of view. We would rather take time to ensure your total satisfaction than sell an incorrect species and get complaints afterwards.

It is rare to find a totally unique project, and so we can use past experiences and skills to work towards a satisfactory solution.

We are happy to visit your site, where it is necessary, to understand the project to enable us to give the best information we can.

We have invested in modern machinery to enable us to be as flexible as possible in meeting our customers’ demands, from manufacturing mouldings to complicated machining on our 5 axis CNC.