Beech – Not Just Firewood

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Beech – Not Just Firewood

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And then there’s Beech !

Widely grown on the South Downs National Park and in the Chilterns, Beech is a straight, prominent tree that can be very white, occasionally with some colour in the heart. It is easily worked, with a close grain and fine texture. However, unlike Oak it is non-durable and so best used for internal joinery and furniture.

Recently, we started a trial period with the Cowdray Estate felling some of their Beech, grown a few miles from us on the South Downs and milled into waney-edged plank and kiln-dried. We offer the resulting products into the UK market. With FSC and Grown in Britain certifications, what’s not to like? If this trial is successful, we will be asking Cowdray for further felling.

Beech Is Not Just Firewood

There is a good supply of Beech across the South of England, and we really should be doing something better with it than just firewood. These trees have been growing for decades if not centuries: to see them cut for firewood is wrong.

Better than burning, we can create beautiful furniture or excellent joinery. We know our customers’ imaginations will find the best ideas to better let the timber shine through. For more information on the properties and uses of Beech, read our more detailed article here.

We really want all hardwood users to start using a wider range of species more regularly. For us to source the variety of species, we need an interest in using them.

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As part of the West family I grew up with the timber industry around me. Leaving school I decided to get a communication engineering qualification, and joined Post Office Telephones latterly becoming BT. After 26 great years in the communications industry, I joined the family business in 2000 as General Manager. My knowledge of timber quickly grew, and I am now Joint MD of the company, with varied responsibilities. One of my favourite being purchasing round timber both in the UK and Europe.