9 Best Bespoke Furniture Products Unique to WL West

//9 Best Bespoke Furniture Products Unique to WL West

9 Best Bespoke Furniture Products Unique to WL West

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Far from just being a timber merchant company, WL West & Sons also provide an extensive range of high-quality finished handmade furniture products as well as a wide selection of raw timber for bespoke furniture products. 

The extent and versatility of our facilities mean that anything from cutting to size to resin encasing and personalised engraving can be done to custom projects of any kind. 

So, without further ado, here are some of the best, unique handmade furniture products available only at WL West & Sons Ltd.

Bespoke River Table Tops 

WL West & Sons Ltd Bespoke River Table Tops 

Each tabletop is handmade in West Sussex with the finest Scottish elm and epoxy resin, then hard-wax oiled and buffed to a silk finish. All timber is kiln-dried and suitable for indoor use.

There is something about river tables that simply delights the eye. The actual manufacturing process behind them, often filmed by furniture makers, is particularly internet-famous for inducing high levels of satisfaction. The way the glossy epoxy resin fills every single crack and smooths to a high-glass finish is just…perfection.

Even better, our manufacturing crew at WL West & Sons Ltd has been experimenting with zinc sulfide and copper powder, which when added to the resin gives a beautiful, otherworldly glow-in-the-dark effect.

You can find this particular river table for sale on our online store, and even a coffee table to match.

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Handmade Wooden Garden Furniture

WL West & Sons Ltd Private commission. Arundel Bench made from prime grade European Oak, finished with an Osmo UV-protect external stain.

Private commission. Arundel Bench made from prime grade European Oak finished with an Osmo UV-protect external stain. Brass plate with the family crest in the centre.

England is well-known for its beautifully-kept gardens and manicured lawns. There are lots of ways to enjoy the sunshine in these beautiful founts of peace, but one of the best is Bilbo Baggins’ approach in The Hobbit: sitting on a handmade wooden bench, smoking a pipe and breathing in the fragrances around him. 

WL West & Sons Ltd Cherry Blossom Garden Oak Bench 

Cherry Blossom Garden Oak Bench

If we can help someone fulfil their Hobbiton fantasy to something resembling our landscape gardening article, then we will consider our job done. From wheelbarrow seats and Edinburgh benches to engraved memorial benches, our CNC and laser cutting facilities give us the level of precision needed for curious curves and intricate letter work. We can even engrave a poem or verse for your garden.

Entirely made from European Oak, each piece of bespoke garden furniture is made in small numbers and is completely unique, cut to fit any size requirements. Designs may be altered for each product according to customer preferences. 

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Timber Worktops and Bar Tops

WL West & Sons Timber Worktop

These products are where customers can truly see the meaning of bespoke. State-of-the-art laminating facilities and a wide range of timber supplies and wood types mean that virtually any design and finish can be achieved. 

Worktops and kitchen bar tops are quite nice introductory projects because while they involve a single piece of timber, the customer gets the full bespoke experience, from assisting in the genesis of their product by choosing their desired timber, to designing it with help of our expert craftsmen, to finally welcoming home a unique piece of bespoke furniture they helped to create.

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Handmade Wooden Tables 

Made with similar materials to our Elm River Tables, products like our Art Deco or Douglas Fir Oval Tables involve an entirely different construction process.

The Art Deco table involves fitting many more pieces together than the river style – if the river tables are like moulding play-dough into Lego bricks, then the Art Deco tables are Lego bricks laminated together, with the resin acting as a glue.

The principal timber, for instance, is assembled together by laminating thinner strips of wood between each piece, creating a familiar geometric pattern matrix with strategically-placed gaps for the resin to fill.

Meanwhile, the beautiful oval table above is being made for a London Furniture designer, using vertical grain Douglas Fir. The vertical grain matches and runs in the same direction, which makes it more stable and also a lot more attractive. It was cut into an oval shape using our CNC machine, then finished with a 15mm bullnose around the edge.

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Country Oak Doors

WL West & Sons Country Oak Door

Produced in small batches and truly ‘Made in West Sussex’, these Country Oak Doors bring a touch of rustic charm to any house.

Each door can be Ledged or Ledged-and-Braced. We offer two different styles as well: Half Lap and Tongue & Groove.

Every door we make is bespoke and crafted from grade 1-2 Oak (a durable hardwood suited to both indoor and outdoor use) or – for the more timber-conscious customer – Scandinavian Redwood Pine. 

Not all doors have to be hardwood, either. Consider the beauties below: a pair of softwood garage double doors, finished in black. 

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Wine Rack

WL West & Sons Wine Rack

Another of our more uncommon products is this beautiful and unique wine rack, made from kiln-dried European Oak, machined by CNC and finished with a hard-wax oil.

Speaking of French châteaux, this practical little rack wouldn’t look the slightest bit out of place there.

Makes a fantastic gift for the wine enthusiast in your life. And personalised engraving options are available to make it bespoke. 

Raw Timber For Custom DIY Furniture Projects

The main advantage of purchasing timber supplies from a versatile timber merchant like WLWest & Sons Ltd is the sheer variety of choice.

While a small range of entirely finished products is usually available, most projects are fully bespoke, meaning it starts with pieces of raw timber, involves our customers in getting the design and specifications exactly right, and the rest is in-house work from there.

This means that while the perfect door or bench may not be waiting there for its new owners, there will be on-hand the perfect piece of timber to fit any bespoke furniture project. All it takes to sort through the options is a little digging and/or imagination.

Our crew can help. WL West & Sons have a wide range of hardwood and softwood supplies and can advise you on your choice.

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WL West & Sons Ltd is a timber merchant and sawmill business with 150 years of experience. We provide timber products and supplies as well as build and install custom projects for our customers. 

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