Shop ‘Til You Drop – Our Woodwork Enthusiasts’ Shop Is BACK OPEN

//Shop ‘Til You Drop – Our Woodwork Enthusiasts’ Shop Is BACK OPEN

Shop ‘Til You Drop – Our Woodwork Enthusiasts’ Shop Is BACK OPEN

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Ever felt the frustration of knowing exactly what you need but not being able to get it?

Seems almost impossible in these days of snap-and-it’s-here consumerism but as a business of specialist products, we know exactly what it’s like. Some woodworking supplies are even widely available online but only if you invest a lot of money into buying blindly or in bulk. For skilled amateurs and beginners alike, it is a daunting and costly affair.

douglas fir bench with plant pots

A Douglas Fir bench, carved and shaped from a single log specially selected by the customer.

Woodworking Tools You Need

It takes years to form the contacts and expertise necessary to carry out high-quality woodworking projects. Anything from sourcing (where the was wood grown and cut, and whether it was done in full compliance with international regulations) to negotiating with the right people (who have sufficient knowledge and who will sell it to you at a fair price), to shipping (ascertaining which taxes will apply) and finally to end-use application (how to get the best results) can be a maze for small-scale woodwork hobbyists alike.

Many of us were there once and many of our customers are there still.

Knowing this, for the smaller-scale woodwork artist, carver, turner or casual DIY-er, we set up a one-stop-shop.

The cave of Ali Baba for woodworkers of all levels, our retail shop is borne of three things:

  • Centuries of timber expertise
  • Passion for our craft
  • A gap in the market for high-quality, professional grade products sold in unique, individual formats at fair prices
hardwood supplies for sale

Unique hardwood pieces waiting to fly off our racks.

Our One-Stop Woodworking Shop

The shop itself has been around for twenty years. Originally meant to sell offcuts and runoffs, it is now a fully-operational retail wing with everything from woodturning tools to the raw material itself and stunning, unique resin tables.

Our stock and available products include (subject to availability):

  • A wide range of hardwoods
  • Exotic timbers
  • Quality tools for turning, carving, whittling and smaller projects
  • Finishes and Sandpaper
  • Turning Blanks (which may include a whole alphabet of timber, from Iroko to Sycamore and Purpleheart). Browse our range or contact us if you’re after something specific.
  • Australian Burrs (these aren’t always available, so call us up beforehand to check)
  • Banksia nuts (ditto)
  • Fresh sawn Oak and Douglas Fir sleepers
  • Gates, Signage, and Benches
  • Beautifully finished housewares, from chopping boards to coasters, worktops, and bespoke resin tables.

Note: These are highest-grade products you cannot find anywhere else. Each piece is unique.


elm and resin table

One of our stunning River tables, crafted and finished entirely by hand (Elm and resin).

To get the best out of our hardwoods, you’ll notice we do not stock standard sizes. But we’re well placed to know timber projects come in all shapes and sizes so both small and large quantities can be purchased. Lump sum pricing can be worked out from your cutting list and we can provide the material in a form that you require.

We’ve always placed a lot of importance on being able to see and feel the material we’ll be working with. The internet brings speed and convenience; however, take it from us, there’s nothing quite like picking up each piece, weighing it and getting a feel for the grain yourself. This way you can spot flaws, weigh the odds and decide on the spot rather than waste time and money with internet returns.

machined timber mouldings

A selection of machine-sawn mouldings available as part of our shop-related services.

If you can’t find what you need, don’t despair! There’s a chance it just might not be on the racks yet. Please ask.

Our staff are friendly, highly experienced and knowledgeable on hardwoods especially. And because this is an independent shop attached to a professional sawmill business, there is always someone around to badger for advice and information.

What’s more, the place is physically on a sawmill site, so our shop comes with cutting and planning services attached. If your project requires cutting to size, machining or mouldings, you can make an appointment and select your own timber during.

Come Visit our Woodwork Enthusiasts’ Shop

Whether you’re an artist or DIY enthusiast in need of professional products, it’s always worth coming down to see our stock for yourself.

Especially as *nudge nudge* after a long lockdown, during which we were fully active, the place is now flush with options.

If you’re after that one charmingly flawed piece for your carving project, or a prime piece of hardwood for your garden project, others will spot it too. Don’t wait too long!

Win a £50 Voucher to Spend in Our Woodwork Shop

Head over to our Instagram to enter our competition and win £50 to spend on any timber products or tools you wish. (Competition closes Friday 28th August at noon.)

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