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Soul of Wood™


Innovative design elements for exclusive interior design or creative furniture

RAPOLD GmbH has introduced a product to the market that will revolutionize interior design. Soul of Wood™  timber design elements, carefully manufactured to preserve the soul of this natural product, are used by architects, boat builders and interior designers to create a previously unknown touch of exclusiveness in all areas of living space. Each piece is unique, no wall or piece of furniture resembles another.

Soul of Wood™ are handy, cleft timber elements crafted from centuries old trees found in untouched landscapes, chosen for their character. These elements are laid in a distinctive pattern so as to create a harmonious and unique symbiosis with lightand light design.

Rapold GmbH is a family business founded in the 1930's in Bavaria producing wood products. Using hand clefting skills that are centuries old, a new contemporary product Soul of Wood™ has been produced. This product uses straight grain European Oak, American Black Walnut and White Fir. This is cleft into rectangular tiles which are sawn and planed on the back face and all four sides.

These tiles add texture to internal wall surfaces and becomes a feature in the design.

Tiles can be glued to a sound substrate.

Sizes available:

Fir (White Fir) Classic       Oak Classic

300 x 60 mm                         300 x 60 mm

400 x 80 mm                         400 x 80 mm

400 x 100 mm                       400 x 100 mm

American Walnut Classic

300 x 70 mm


Brushed - lightly wire brushed to remove sharp splinters and shards

Oiled - To enhance the beauty of the timber

Special Sizes - On request


Soul of wood ™ is a registered trademark of RAPOLD, Bad Reichenhall (Germany).

OHIM-OHIM reg. 011505906.

©2013 Soul of Wood™