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Rural Development Programme for England 2014 - 2020



We are delighted to have our grant application to the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development accepted in December 2017.

Our project name is: New CNC and Sanding equipment.

This will enable us to install a new 5 Axis CNC , an Edgebander, a Vacuum Lifter and a heated press for a new production area. Installation commenced on 9th July 2018 and is the machine commissioning is expected to complete Early August 2018.

We hope to have completed testing and start production by the end of October 2018.

This will enable us to meet our customers requirements for bespoke and specialist machining.

We would like to acknowledge the financial support from the EU which has made this considerable project possible.

Small Enough to Care, Big Enough to Cope - your local family Timber Merchants


2015 is somewhat of a milestone for W L West & Sons Ltd. We have tangible timber felling records back to 1865 (see picture below) and using that date 2015 is our 150th year. The current company was created by Walter Luke West (the grandfather of some of the current directors) and Cecil Owen West (an uncle of current directors).


Work started in the early part of the last century, initially this would have involved sawing timber in the woods using pit saws. The family moved to permanent premises in the corner of a railway yard in Midhurst. Steam engines provided early power for the bandsaws, and hand wound cranes provided the ability to move logs around the yard.

Many of Walter Lukes sons were involved in the business over the last century. The business past into some of his grandsons hands towards the end of the 20th Century which is the current position. We are proud that there are 7 family members working in the business currently. With a current staff of 40, that is a good percentage of the team.

Through that 150 years there have been many changes in our industry, from supplying 1000's of cubic feet of timber to the furniture industry in High Wycombe - now sadly almost non-existant, to milling 1000's of logs each year. The current business is significantly different to the one Walter Luke created. But one of the ethics that has lasted the test of time is building relationships with our customers, and helping them to find a solution to their timber problems.

We would like tro thank all of our customers for their business over the years, without which we wouldn't be here - thank you. Now, on with the next 150 years !!




The West family, for as long as anyone can remember, has been involved with timber. In the middle nineteenth century, they were journeyman sawmillers, felling timber and sawing from a pit in the woods where the timber was cut.

Earliest company records are dated in 1865. The company in its present form, is a traditional home-grown timber merchant who started trading, as W. L. West & Sons, on a permanent site at Midhurst about eighty years ago, sawing round logs by means of pit saws. Mechanisation over the years progressed through steam powered engines and belt driven saws to a fully modern sawmill today. The company was incorporated in 1957 as a limited company.

In 1986, the Company moved to a much larger twelve acre site at Selham, midway between Midhurst and Petworth (just off the A272), to purpose built sawmills and factory with computerised oil fired kilns.

As well as having extensive outside air drying stocks, over fifty thousand square feet of drying sheds have been erected to hold stocks of air-dried and kiln-dried timbers. Continual growth in the Company has meant that it is now one of the larger temperate hardwood sawmills in the country and second to none as far as English oak is concerned.

Forward capital project planning has always been designed to ensure that the infrastructure, machinery and stockholding is such that the growing requirements of the market place can easily be met.

It is pleasing that the business is still firmly in family hands, with three of Walter Luke West's grandchildren and four of his great-grandchildren involved in the business. Walter Luke West can be seen in the picture at the top of this page.


We work with our clients to ensure that the correct product is selected to fit the requirement. We will spend that extra time to ensure the product is right. Many people have a vision of the species that they require to do a job, which sadly may be an incorrect choice from a finish or performance point of view. We would rather take time to ensure your total satisfaction, than sell and incorrect species and get complaints afterwards.

Don’t forget, for all of your hardwood and joinery softwood requirements ...................

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