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Grown in Britain

Architects & Specifiers

We pride ourselves in working as a team with our customers, and that is never more evident than when working with Architects and Specifiers. We want to do a good job for you, to leave an impression that will make you want to work with us on future projects. Our company has nearly 150 years experience in the industry, with experts in timber on hand for advice. We will spend that extra time to ensure that you have the correct species and specification to meet your requirement.

  • Certification - chain of custody for both PEFC & FSC, enabling us to supply certificated timber where supply is available. More information can be seen on our Certified Timber page - click the link button.
  • Responsible Purchasers - Something we like to think we have always been. But to formalise the claim we are members of the Timber Trade Federations Responsible Purchasing Policy. We are audited annually and our current certificate can be seen by clicking the link button. This will meet the European Parliaments legislation 995/2010 which becomes law on the 3rd March 2013 and will mandate all suppliers of timber in the UK to ensure that their timber is legal to place on the European Markets.
  • BS. We work to British Standards where applicable
    • Beam - BS5756
    • Fencing - BS1722
    • Cladding - BS1186-3
    • Joinery - BS1186-3
    • Flooring - BS8201

  • Samples. We offer samples within an agreed criteria
    • That we have knowledge of the project in hand.
    • We know the location.
    • Who the contractors are.
    • We know the volumes of product involved.

  • Machine Profile Work. We are able to create the tooling and mould profiles in house. For new profiles or to match existing. It must be noted that some very old profiles would have been moulded by hand and may not be able to be exactly replicated on a machine.
    • Cladding
    • Decking
    • Hand Rails
    • Flooring
    • 2nd Fix items
  • Fire. We are able to work within fire treatment requirements where the product is suitable to treat.

  • Textured/Sandblasted. We have access to processes that enable timber to be further textured by sandblasting the surfaces to enhance the grain. This process removes part of the softer grain and leaves the latewood in the growth ring as a slightly rasied profile. This process also removes any unwanted marks and is normally undertaken from a sawn finish.

  • Durability/Longevity. We have access to various species and treatment systems that will provide an enhanced life span of the product to specific end use applications.

  • Certified Timber. We can source certified timber for projects (FSC or PEFC) subject to availability.

  • Alternatives. We will work with you to identify possible alternative species that may be more beneficial to the satisfactory completion of your project.

  • Site Visit. We are prepared to visit your site to assist with the project. We also welcome you visiting us at our site to build a relationship. Once we have built that relationship, we are sure that we will work together on many projects.

  • Timber Frame. We work with both restoration work and new build.
    • Supplying well air dried beam.
    • Fresh sawn beam graded to BS5756
    • Brace & Jowel cutting
    • Planed beams
    • Oak Dowels - timber nails
    • Split Chestnut laths
    • Oak or Chestnut shakes
    • Kit Form Oak Framed buildings available.

  • Gates & Fencing. We pride ourselves on our bespoke hardwood gates. Within reason, we can manufacture most timber gates. Existing gates can be replicated. We can make ornamental topped posts and bollards. We are able to supply and erect fences of all types using our in house teams. As members of the Fencing Contractors Association, we have ensured that our teams have the relevant safety certification. We work with major construction and house builders in Southern England.

  • CPET -The Central Point of Expertise for Timber procurement. This is the UK  Governments advisory service on timber procurement. We have made use of CPET's seminars, and fully understand the requirements for government and local authority work, and the need for identifiably sustainable products.

  • Tree to Project. As traditional sawmillers and timber merchants we take the timber from the tree to finished product. We fully understand all of the processes along the way, and we care about the timber and try to ensure that we maximise the yield out of our timber, and therefore minimise wastage.

We hope this is an insight into how we can assist you with your projects.

Sales Contact: 01798 861611 option 1

email: sales@wlwest.co.uk